Lavinia has launched its first edibles, designed to improve intimacy and sleep.

Kinky Bites were created to support intimacy, while Goodnight Kiss helps with winddown and a good night’s sleep. The lip-shaped gummies combine herbal supplements with 10 mg THC, but they can easily be divided and shared.

Both versions are available in Watermelon and Peach Mango flavors but feature a distinct profile for each experience.

Kinky Bites feature THC, which can increase blood flow, reduce anxiety, heighten physical sensation and release oxytocin, as well as horny goat weed, longjack and maca root to support libido, enhance energy and mood, and to improve sexual function.

Goodnight Kiss combines THC, CBD and CBN to promote relaxation and a restful state of mind. Valerian root is added to help naturally combat insomnia.

Kinky Bites and Goodnight Kiss join Lavinia’s cannabis-infused lubricant, oh.hi. Launched at the height of the pandemic in 2021, the brand’s footprint expanded to nearly 200 dispensaries in California, driven by the popularity of the lubricant.

“Our philosophy is simple at Lavinia – we’re all about blending pleasure and self-discovery,” said Lavinia founder Katie Enright. “By celebrating the natural synergy between cannabis and sexual wellness, our aim is to help usher in a new era of intimate exploration that includes open dialogue. With this second phase of our product line, we’re thrilled to continue to redefine the landscape and encourage a more liberated approach to sex.”

Hitting the market just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kinky Bites and Goodnight Kiss will be available at California dispensaries.