Verano Holdings Corp. has repositioned its (the) Essence cannabis brand and enhanced its product portfolio.

Formerly part of the Verano namesake brand portfolio, the standalone (the) Essence line of products is available in nine core markets — Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia — with plans to scale to Florida and Connecticut in the future.

As part of the brand’s enhanced aesthetic, Verano created (the) Essence Artist Collection featuring strain-specific graphic illustrations on packaging designed in collaboration with a community of artists.

“Embracing a brand identity and creative philosophy centered around bespoke graphic art enables us to build more meaningful connections with our consumers, providing value that’s incremental to that of the high-grade cannabis product inside of pack,” said David Spreckman, Verano’s chief marketing officer. “(the) Essence redesign also presented an opportunity for innovation through R&D, as we’ve expanded the product mix to drive further differentiation across our markets with the introduction of the new Nectar product line. With that development, (the) Essence portfolio now captures each of the industry’s three leading CPG categories from a volume perspective in flower, vapes and edibles.”

Genetics in (the) Essence products are carefully selected, bred and pheno-hunted to deliver quality, consistency and variety. 

(the) Essence product portfolio includes Nectar Gummies, made with (the) Essence flower cured and BHO-extracted from single-strain runs into full-spectrum and high-terpene resin gummies. Fruit flavors are paired with cannabis terpenes from (the) Essence genetic library to create O.G. Strawberry and Bonsai Berry varieties.

Verano’s (the) Essence portfolio also includes flower, prerolls and vapes.