Nevis Brands Inc. has secured an agreement with Silver State Wellness to produce and distribute Major beverages to Nevada cannabis retailers.

"We have long looked forward to working with Major and we are optimistic about the opportunities to build the beverage market in Nevada," said Michael Hayford, CEO of Silver State. "Nevada is a growing market for cannabis beverages, and we believe Major is well positioned to have success.”

Major will be available at key retailers by Sept. 30 in five flavors including Sunset Pink Lemonade, Pacific Blue Raspberry, Sacred Grape, Volcanic Orange Mango and Passionfruit.   Major is a dosable 100 mg THC beverage that delivers the effects of cannabis within 10-20 minutes of consumption.

"In less than 65 days since our acquisition of the Major brand, we have increased our market footprint by 20% in growing from five states to six states,” said Nevis Brands CEO John Kueber. “With the success of the Major brand and our asset light licensing model, we look forward to moving to more additional markets in the near future. Nevada represents a growing strategic market for Nevis Brands and we are proud to be working with Silver State Wellness to produce and distribute Major."

Nevis develops cannabis products for consumers across Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Ohio.