LEVIA is launching the next limited-edition flavor within its Summer Classics series. 

In conjunction with flower brand Kynd, LEVIA is bringing the Cherry Lemonade flavor to market in Massachusetts. This introduction features Kynd’s iconic Cherry Lemonade strain, which is a cross between the ‘Jack the Ripper’ and ‘Cherry Pie OG’ strains. LEVIA’s Cherry Lemonade is rich in lemon terpenes.

“With each flavor launch we aim to put out a product that consumers not only love, but can truly resonate with,” said Kristin Rogers, co-founder and brand manager of LEVIA. “By incorporating Kynd, we are bringing LEVIA lovers a more flavorful experience, while introducing some of the most unique and popular strains Kynd has to offer – all within a delicious, crisp seltzer.” 

The second Summer Classics product release will feature original artwork from Massachusetts-based illustrator Dean McKeever, also known as Keever. The Cherry Lemonade design features shades of yellow, blue and pink, along with imagery of palm trees and sunhats. The design also strategically incorporates the Kynd logo. 

LEVIA’s products offer flexible dosing and rapid onset of effects, which typically begin within 15-20 minutes. LEVIA’s products are made in Georgetown, Massachusetts and are crafted with locally sourced flower and simple ingredients. Each 12-oz. can contains 5 mg THC, zero calories and zero sugar. 

LEVIA’s Cherry Lemonade flavor will be available on Aug. 8 at Ayr Wellness’ locations in Boston and Watertown, along with 150 other licensed dispensaries throughout the state. It has a suggested retail price of $7.