The KANHA brand has entered the artisan chocolate category with limited-edition S'mores. 

Debuting this month in California dispensaries, S'mores delivers a sweet symphony of marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and chocolate made with cacao beans from small farms in Ecuador, Ghana and Ivory Coast. With 10 chocolates per package, each S'more contains 10 mg THC and aromatic terpenes. 

Independent labs quadruple test the hybrid cannabis oil to ensure precision dosage and zero pesticides. The S'mores also feature KANHA's nanotech for fast-acting effects and cannabinoid absorption.

"Our first venture into chocolate is another example of KANHA making great-tasting products with consistent, reliable effects," says Cameron Clarke, co-founder and CEO of Sunderstorm, the parent company of KANHA. "Whether you want to enjoy it by a campfire or as an everyday indulgence, S'mores is the ultimate summer treat for chocolate enthusiasts who love cannabis and outdoor adventure."