The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have issued warning letters to six companies selling “copycat” food products containing delta-8-THC.

The agencies issued the letters to Delta Munchies, Dr. Smoke LLC, Exclusive Hemp Farms/Oshipt, Nikte's Wholesale LLC, North Carolina Hemp Exchange LLC and The Haunted Vapor Room.

FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock pointed to concerns of children consuming delta-8 products, as well as adults inadvertently consuming more than they anticipated.

"The products we are warning against intentionally mimic well-known snack food brands by using similar brand names, logos or pictures on packaging, that consumers, especially children, may confuse with traditional snack foods,” Woodcock said. “We're also concerned that adults could unintentionally take them or take a higher dose than expected and suffer serious consequences. This risk is especially dangerous for those who are driving, working or have other responsibilities. The FDA remains committed to taking action against any company illegally selling regulated products that could pose a risk to public health."

In the warning letters, the FDA took issue with products that mimicked traditional snack brands such as Oreo, Pop Tarts, Chips Ahoy, Doritos and Cheetos, as well as gummy products in the shape of belts, bears, worms and peach rings. The agency also noted products with a nutrition facts panel “are more likely to be confused for a genuine food product.”

The companies must reply to the FDA with plans to address the concerns in the letters within 15 working days.