NextEvo Naturals has launched Premium Pure CBD Gummies with hemp extract.

Each NextEvo Premium Pure CBD Gummy contains 10 mg of its SmartSorb CBD and is non-GMO, vegan and THC-free. Both flavors of NextEvo’s gummies, Berry Mix and Citrus Mix, come in pouches of 10 and jars of 30. 

The company’s SmartSorb delivery technology turns oil-soluble hemp-derived CBD into a water soluble-like (water-dispersible) emulsion. The Premium Pure CBD gummies offer enhanced and rapid absorption. When compared after two hours to oil-based CBD products, these gummies will allow consumers to absorb four times the amount of CBD beginning in as little as 10 minutes.

NextEvo’s research team, which has over 100 years of combined experience in consumer healthcare and nutraceutical product development, formulation and commercialization at multi-billion dollar organizations, developed SmartSorb through evidence-based scientific trials.

“We’re launching this new product to continue to fill the CBD market’s need of delivery and product options that are beneficial and are supported by scientific evidence,” said John McDonagh, NextEvo Naturals CEO and president. “Many CBD gummies currently sold on the market contain a form of CBD that studies have shown to be even less absorbed than oil-based formulas. To ensure a great consumer experience, we formulated our gummies to enhance absorption significantly, with some estimates being as much as 15 times greater. Plus, we provide our customers with data to back up performance and label accuracy.”

Each pouch of Pure Premium CBD gummies retails for $15 and each jar retails for $30.