Ayr Wellness Inc. has named President David Goubert as president and chief executive officer.

Outgoing CEO Jonathan Sandelman has transitioned to the role of executive chair, and he will continue to serve the company’s Board of Directors.  

“It is with great pride that I reflect on the efforts of our team to build Ayr from its earliest days in 2017 to the 2,500-person multi-state cannabis operator we are today,” Sandelman said. “David is a proven leader of people and large organizations, with a track record of driving positive organizational change. In his time so far at Ayr, he has brought a fresh set of eyes to our organization and processes and has set us on the path to optimizing the business and investing in projects that will result in our long-term success.

Goubert added: “I’m proud and humbled to take this step at an important time in the company’s history. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Jon, the Board of Directors, and everyone at Ayr to realize the full potential of our company’s exceptional assets, continuing to prioritize existing and future markets where we can invest to build meaningful depth. In my time so far with Ayr, I have been excited by our team's collaborative efforts to align our organization with our key business objectives, deepen our relationships with our patients as we build Ayr into a truly customer-centric business, and in doing so drive strong revenue and cash flow generation. We look forward to discussing our plans in further detail during the next quarterly earnings call in March.”