The Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) has added two members to its leadership team.

Diana Eberlein of SōRSE Technology will serve as president and Jon Purow of Zuber Lawler will serve as secretary through the 2023 calendar year.

Eberlein is a sales and marketing leader with more than 15 years' experience, including 6-plus years in the cannabis sector. She's currently the VP of sales and marketing for water-soluble emulsion technology company, SōRSE Technology. With an emphasis on thought leadership and experiential marketing, her passion for infused beverages comes from her personal experience with cannabis. This experience has made beverages her preferred method of consuming cannabis and one that she believes will be a preferred method due to its ability to blend into the consumer's regular routine.

"The cannabis beverage sector represents the future of cannabis consumption — and a tasty one at that,” Eberlein said. “As we strive to make cannabis more approachable for consumers, I look forward to pulling passionate industry leaders together to educate regulators and consumers alike on what 'standardization' of infused beverages looks like from manufacturing, safety, quality, and accessibility standpoints. Collaboration is the key to the continued growth of the cannabis beverage sector and at the end of the day, we all have a shared passion for beverages, but more importantly — improving consumers' quality of life."

In his law practice, Purow specializes in cannabis regulatory and transactional matters, as well as general intellectual property transactional work and litigation. He works with a wide array of clients, from publicly-traded multinational companies and private equity-backed companies, to cannabis plant-touching and ancillary service companies. Purow's focus is on how cannabis federal and state regulations impact his clients and their brands. He frequently creates content, speaks at cannabis industry conferences, and hosts a podcast called "Cannabis Last Week" where he analyzes current events and interviews industry leaders.

"I'm looking forward to serving on the leadership team of the CBA in the coming year and contributing my knowledge and professional experience when the organization advances its legal and regulatory efforts," Purow said. "The cannabis industry is unique in that it must constantly adapt to the moving target of evolving regulations in mature and incoming state markets; it can be challenging for beverage brands to keep up with the rules in each state. My goal is to help members of the association better understand and navigate federal and state regulations, especially as they consider expanding into new legal states."

Founded in 2019, the CBA’s goal is to provide appropriate regulatory guidelines and consumer safety while continuing to advocate and grow the infused beverage category. The CBA has continued to expand nationally and includes companies across the beverage industry, including brands, distributors, labs, packaging companies, and ancillary companies. The CBA Board of Directors consists of representatives from cannabis beverage industry leaders such as Cann, Pabst Labs, Sands Lane, SōRSE Technology, Vertosa, Spacestation, The Parent Company, Wunder, House of Saka, and Zuber Lawler.

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