Health Advance, Inc. has begun production of its CBD-infused de-alcoholized wine beverage. 

The first manufacturing run, featuring 19,400 units, will be divided among customers beginning this month. Publicity For Good (PFG) has been chosen to spearhead Health Advance's industry ambassadorship for the new brand, 66° Beverage Company. Available in Red, White and Rosé varieties, production of 66° is being handled through Health Advance's Courtship Wines Division.

"This demonstrates leadership by our Courtship Wines management team,” said Larry McLachlin, president of Health Advance. “They are making astute arrangements that will benefit both consumers and Health Advance shareholders. Publicity For Good is a cut above in their grasp of this market. They understand our brand mission. PFG will help us be effective in reaching journalists, retail market decision makers and industry personnel with insightful, leading edge information. We are not playing around. Our unique CBD infused wine beverage is absolutely going to be an iconic brand in this exciting adult beverage sector. That's why we welcome Publicity For Good as truly special mission partners. Get ready world — here we come."

“I know this is a winner. I feel it, and the industry will benefit from the arrival of this brand's dedication to the new adult lifestyle movement,” adds PFG founder Heather DeSantis. “It's more than the unique CBD infusion savvy here — it's in the attitude. This launch by 66° Beverage Company is right on target. I can't wait to share more about the consumer and industry facing dimensions of this enterprise soon. It's inspired. There's a lot of depth to be revealed."

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