Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. has launched Rocky Mountain NexBev, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in cannabis beverages. 

NexBev will work to ensure CBD Life Mexico S.A. de C.V. has product and will build RMHB’s HEMPd brand by utilizing a network of cannabis co-packers throughout the United States.

CBD Life continues to exceed expectations and drive brand growth in Mexico. Its three bestselling CBD beverages (Rocket High, California Black Tea, and California Lemonade) have strengthened its position in sales and national recognition. With an increasing consumer appetite for CBD infused beverages, NexBev sees strong growth for its products. NexBev looks forward to an expanding and rewarding relationship with CBD Life in the coming years.

NexBev will continue to produce and develop innovative beverage options for CBD Life, as it grows its portfolio of drinks in Mexico and the United States. Soliciting retail accounts and building a distribution network in the U.S. for CBD Life’s beverages will be part of a broader company-wide strategy to accelerate market penetration for CBD Life.

NexBev has the necessary expertise and knowledge of manufacturing, formulations, and R&D of CBD and hemp-infused beverages to ensure a successful launch of product lines. NexBev will work in conjunction with qualified co-packers to provide services such as cold-fill carbonation, tunnel pasteurization, and hot-fill/nitrogen dosage.

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