Wynk THC & CBD Infused Seltzer is now available to medicinal patients in Oklahoma. 

Through a partnership with Stash House, Oklahoma’s largest distributor, Wynk's 1:1 THC and CBD products are available at 30 licensed dispensaries for consumers with a registered medicinal use card.

"We believe patients in Oklahoma will enjoy the experience of our balanced THC and CBD beverages,” said Casey Parzych, co-founder and president of Wynk. “Because Wynk is fast-acting, the experience is a mellow onset that dissipates in less than two hours.”

Featuring flavors of Juicy Mango, Lime Twist and Black Cherry Fizz, each 12-oz. can of Wynk has a 1:1 ratio of 5 mg THC and CBD. Wynk delivers a light, relaxing feeling that is experienced in under 15 minutes and lasts around 90 minutes. Wynk beverages contain zero sugar, calories or alcohol.

“We are so excited to bring Wynk to Oklahoma, as our state continues to evolve and mature in our cannabis movement,” said Shane Finn, chief operating officer, Stash House Distribution. “The canna-curious aficionados excitedly awaiting new products will be delighted by Wynk’s THC and CBD-infused can of thirst-quenching bubbles to help cool down and unwind as we cruise through the summer. Stash House is proud to add another best-in-class brand to our list of partners committed to delivering only the best, premiumly-sourced products to Oklahoma cannabis patients.”

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