Franny’s Farmacy has launched Franny’s Bon-Bon Chocolates, handcrafted with Fair Trade chocolate, organic sugar, and organic, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD.

Founder Franny Tacy and her team hope to create awareness about exploitation in the chocolate trade and how everyone can make a difference through the products we choose.

“I dived deep into researching how cocoa is grown and how chocolate is produced when we were thinking about developing chocolate products for Franny’s Farmacy and Franny’s Farm Foods,” Tacy said. “What I found out about the exploitation of child labor – and in some cases, downright slavery – in cocoa production shocked me, including the fact that many major chocolate brands have been reported to source products from these very same producers in question. I want to change that.             

With that in mind, Tacy and master chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt, founder of the House of Knipschildt and Fritzzz Chocolates, collaborated on Franny’s Bon-Bon Chocolates. They are available in gift boxes containing six flavors: Caramel, Garden Mint, Tangerine and Ancho Chili, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Elderflower Jam. Each bonbon contains 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract, for a total of 90 mg CBD per gift box.

“I am a big fan of CBD and natural medicine, and have been making CBD-infused chocolates for several years now,” Knipschildt said. “Whatever I do with chocolate is high end and high quality, with a high cocoa percentage. In collaborating with Franny, we are excited to introduce the Franny’s Bon-Bon Chocolates gift box collection. In addition, Franny and I are working together to introduce CBD-infused Fair Trade chocolate bars, which will be just as premium quality and amazing. With the launch of chocolate bars, something people often buy for themselves, they will be able to get the CBD they want in a delicious delivery system they appreciate.”

At $32 per gift box, Franny’s CBD-infused Bon-Bon Chocolates are available at all Franny’s Farmacy locations in five states in the Eastern U.S. They’re also available online.

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