Martha Stewart CBD revealed the latest expansion in its growing portfolio – Tropical Medley CBD Wellness Gummies. 

The new product features 100% hemp-derived CBD isolate and three flavors inspired by fruits of tropical destinations: Alphonso Mango, Coconut, and Pineapple. The Martha Stewart CBD Tropical Medley Wellness Gummies were previewed by Martha Stewart at a Palm Beach event in February 2022, and this product will transport consumers to similar sunny destinations, offering a new addition to the brand's lineup of convenient and trusted flexible wellness solutions.

"My favorite tropical fruits, Alphonso Mango, Coconut, and Pineapple, were the inspiration for this new offering,” Stewart said. “Now, our loyal customers can take a moment to prioritize their wellbeing and relax their mind through the lush flavors of the tropics. It's always a pleasure to create new products that make wellness more accessible, convenient and delicious."

The Martha Stewart CBD Tropical Medley Wellness Gummies are part of Stewart’s continued partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation, a diversified cannabis and cannabinoid-based consumer product company.

"The new Tropical Medley CBD Wellness Gummies feature three delicious flavors and are made with Canopy Growth's high-quality, U.S.-grown CBD isolate, which is the purest and most potent form of CBD, offering consumers the consistent and great-tasting experience they've come to love from Martha Stewart CBD," said Tara Rozalowsky, interim chief product officer at Canopy Growth. "As we gear up for Spring Break season, we can't wait for consumers to kick off getting into a tropical mindset with these new flavors inspired by their favorite sunny destinations."

The Martha Stewart CBD Tropical Medley Wellness Gummies are now available in 30-ct. jars ($34.99) and will be available in 10-ct. ($12.99) and 3-ct. ($3.99) options in April.

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