Viking Masek has released 4SC-235, a compact premade pouch machine.

Ideal for small businesses and those new to packaging automation, the 4SC-235 is made entirely at Viking Masek’s headquarters in Wisconsin. The company’s R&D team focused on creating an affordable machine without sacrificing build quality.

"With these new innovations, we can now help clients automate costly manual packaging processes earlier in the game, putting them on the path to long-term success without sacrificing the premium build quality that’s often seen in entry-level equipment offerings," says Bryan Lacy, Viking Masek director of sales.

The 4SC-235 features:

Stress-tested bag grippers: Final testing included running the assembly through 1.5 million cycles.

Combined functions to decrease space: Multiple machine functions are combined into a single assembly, allowing for a more compact design and decreased material cost.

Streamlined infeed: A stacked infeed was designed that allows an operator to easily load up to 1000-plus bags at a time and then walk away until the magazine needs to be refilled. This means minimal training is needed to load the machine.

Simple changeover: Machine adjustments are easily completed and repeated without tools or a high level of technical knowledge, making it easier for casual operators to run the machine successfully. Also featuring manual bag width, length, and height adjustments, changeover to different size bags is quick, simple, and requires minimal skill. Visual indicators also reduce operator training issues due to language barriers.

Simplified interface: The HMI (human machine interface) has been programmed from scratch to be greatly simplified.

Minimal maintenance: When parts need to be replaced, they can be 3-D printed at Viking's U.S. headquarters or sourced locally.

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