Kolab Project has launched 132 Series Live Resin Black Cherry Punch Soft Chews, Canada’s first cannabis-infused live resin edible. 

Kolab Project 132 Series Live Resin Black Cherry Punch Soft Chews are for cannabis enthusiasts who love the true-to-plant taste of cannabis. They are an extension of Kolab Project’s true-to-strain product lineup that includes the 232 Series Live Terpene vape cartridges and 232 Series Diamonds concentrates. Kolab Project’s 132 Series takes inspiration from 132 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature of decarboxylating cannabinoids for edibles.

Kolab Project 132 Series Live Resin Black Cherry Punch Soft Chews are available now for purchase on OCS.ca and in retail outlets in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, with additional provinces expected to launch in coming months. Kolab Project is a cannabis brand owned and operated by Auxly Cannabis Group.

“Kolab Project is committed to presenting high-quality cannabis products that convey the authentic identity of the strain,” said Brad Canario, senior director, marketing, Auxly. “Kolab Project 132 Series Live Resin Soft Chews bring this idea to a new level by offering real flower flavor in an edible format. This Black Cherry Punch formulation is unadulterated – cannabis enthusiasts like the taste of cannabis, so we wanted to make sure we launched a product for them without enhancing the flavor profile with any artificial flavor whatsoever.”

Each Kolab Project Live Resin Soft Chew includes terp sauce extracted from the whole flower of the small-batch, hand-tended Black Cherry Punch strain, which is a cross of Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie. This terpene- and THCA-rich terp sauce injects the flavor and aroma of the Black Cherry Punch strain and allows it to shine through with berry and apple floral flavors, due to the strain’s unique terpene profile of limonene, farnesene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool and myrcene. When decarboxylated during the cooking process, the THCA in the terp sauce is converted to THC and provides consumers with an authentic, full-spectrum experience of Black Cherry Punch in an edible format, without added flavor or color. 

Kolab Project 132 Series Live Resin Black Cherry Punch Soft Chews are available in packages of two soft chews, each with 5 mg THC. More single-strain Live Resin Soft Chew flavors will be launched by Kolab Project in coming months.

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