Plus Products Inc. is releasing a second batch of its limited-edition PLUS Hash Gummies, made in concert with Biscotti Brands, a premium hash brand, following substantial consumer and retailer demand.

“We were ecstatic to find that our customers loved our PLUS Hash Gummies,” said Jake Heimark, co-founder and CEO of PLUS. “We formulated these gummies to bring consumers as close to the plant as possible, and with Biscotti Brand’s premium hash as a base, we think we were able to do just that.”

The company’s Orange Blossom-flavored PLUS Hash Gummies are infused with cold water hash extracted from Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) flower, a hybrid strain known for its relaxing and uplifting effects. Each gummy contains 10 mg THC and is flavored with all-natural essence from Seville and Valencia oranges and orange blossom to complement MAC’s smooth citrus and floral accents.

“At PLUS, we believe that a premium product is driven by the quality of cannabis, which is why we procured single-strain, solventless, ice water hash for this exclusive, limited-edition edible,” said Ari Mackler, chief product officer at PLUS. “Biscotti’s proprietary ‘low and slow’ extraction process delicately separates the trichomes from the trim through a solventless practice that preserves the powerful, potent properties of the cannabis plant. The result is an entourage effect that we believe delivers the ultimate edible experience.”

The PLUS Hash gummies will be available at select licensed dispensaries in California for a limited time. The products will also be available for purchase at

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