Hervé, maker of French-inspired and cannabis-infused luxury desserts and sweets, has launched the Le Mirage line of sublingual cannabis hard candies and refillable storage and dispensing system. 

The products are currently produced and sold in Nevada with plans to expand into additional markets in 2021.

Le Mirage is a discrete, refillable, doseable and child-resistant cannabis hard candy dispensing mechanism that is protected by USDA-patented and proprietary technology. The system holds a single proprietary insert scored into five equal pieces of matching volume and weight with a numeric indicator that displays the quantity of product remaining. 

The dispenser is sold in the same fashion as a vape with replacement cartridge or a razor with separate blade attachments and will launch in White and Emerald Green colors with a special edition Sage Green dispenser coming soon. Le Mirage dispensers and hard candies inserts are sold separately.

Le Mirage inserts are available in two dosage formats and four flavors, all of which are 100 percent vegan and gluten-free with no added sugar and less than 2 calories per serving. 

The Sour Collection includes Sour Green Apple, Sour Peach and Sour Cherry flavors, each of which contains 25 mg of THC per insert and 5mg THC per serving. The Premium Full Spectrum Collection will launch in a single Cristal Peppermint flavor with 25mg THC and 25mg CBD per insert or 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per serving. All Le Mirage inserts are sold in packs of two for a total of 50mg THC per pack.

"We are excited to bring a stylish and refillable edibles dispensing system to the cannabis industry and to meet the need for products that provide an elevated, luxurious experience for consumers in a discreet manner," said Sébastien and Frédéric, founders of Hervé. "As we expand our product offerings we strive to combine contemporary design with sensational flavors using only the best ingredients and Le Mirage absolutely meets that goal."

Hervé products are produced in partnership with Silver State Wellness, which holds the processing license and operates under the DBA Cannabiniers. Le Mirage will be joining Hervé's current portfolio of product offerings of THC-infused macarons. Hervé combines decades of traditional French culinary history with innovative and fast-acting cannabis infusion technology to create their premium desserts and sweets.

"Having worked with Hervé now for over a year we are thrilled with how the Nevada market has responded so positively to higher quality products that really raise the bar for the edible industry in general," said Tim Walters, president of Cannabiniers & Silver State Wellness. "Le Mirage represents the exceptional quality Hervé has become known for bundled with an innovative and discrete dispensing system that is undoubtedly going to make this product a huge hit."

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