Yeti Farms is introducing two new flavors of its all-natural, THC-infused Yeti Yummies: Black Cherry Bomb and Peachin'.

Yeti Yummies are made with the same care that goes into every aspect of Yeti Farms: Only all-natural, organic ingredients are used in the gummies, along with the purest oils that are always free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals.

"The market is already full of gummies, so we knew we had to hit a homerun," Yeti Farms owner Shawn Honaker said. "We carefully crafted these flavors in our own kitchen using the purest ingredients. We think the taste will knock your socks off."

Black Cherry Bomb was named because it has a huge burst of flavor. But Peachin' has her own unique story. According to DJ Lund, manager of Yeti Farms, Peachin' is juicy and offers just the right amount of trouble.

"After hitchin' a ride on a truck from Macon, Georgia, she came up to Colorado with an empty pocket and a heart full of dreams," he said. "After a brief stint slinging drinks at a busted down cowboy bar, she found her way to Yeti Farms, where we quickly recognized her talents and gave her a Yummy of her very own."

Yeti Yummies are available at dispensaries throughout Colorado. Customers can ask dispensaries to order Yeti Yummies and they will be delivered, usually within one day.

"While we can't say which is our favorite," Honaker said, "we have a feeling you'll be hearing more about our gal Peachin' in the weeks to come."

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