Lab Effects has launched Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes, a line that combines cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes to allow product manufacturers to integrate any cannabis strain's authentic aroma into their product lines.

Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes (CHT) offer the industry a scaled supply of strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes that are standardized and cost-controlled.

"We're thrilled to introduce Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes to the market," said Scott Holden, CEO, and founder of Lab Effects. "The proverbial ‘holy grail’ of the terpene industry has always been the pursuit of capturing the non-terpene elements responsible for the cannabis flower's most essential aromas. We have completed this task and can now replicate any cannabis strain's actual smell, not just the gassy botanical notes provided by profile matching with other plant-derived terpenes."

Lab Effects developed this new innovation with a carefully selected suite of cannabis-derived essential oil bases, which represent the most ubiquitous cannabis aroma categories of diesel, fruity, skunky, earthy and floral. Running analytics on cannabis flower genetics allows Lab Effects to map out the exact terpene spectrum of a particular strain. The company uses this data to fortify each cannabis-derived base with its correlated strain-specific profile made from other botanical terpenes at carefully chosen ratios, so every base aromatic note of that variety is captured and expressed.

Cannabis-derived terpenes are sought after for flavoring products intended to smell just like the plant in its natural form but come with challenges such as limited supply options, availability, cost, standardization and scalability. These factors have driven manufacturers to pull terpenes from other plant sources. However, non-cannabis botanicals will never emit the key elements that are inherent to the cannabis plant's essential oils.

"Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes solve all the historical challenges associated with both cannabis-derived terpenes and botanical terpene blends," Holden said. "By using botanical source profiles, we ensure that no actual terpenes are missing from the fraction, which is common due to variable changes from batch to batch. Similarly, botanical terpene blends lack the essential oil aspects of cannabis-derived terpenes, which provide that unique essence of a cannabis aroma. By carefully combining these two, we produce a product that provides the best of both worlds."

Lab Effects'  laboratory can replicate any desired cannabis strain for its clients at more than half of what a cannabis-derived product typically costs. They are available in both water-soluble and oil-soluble formats, as well as high-speed flowable powders.

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