Heaven's Lettuce has launched Hemp Chips, organically sourced from individually grown and hand-picked hemp leaves.

Hemp is often confused with cannabis, but though the plants are in the same family, they are different from each other. Hemp is also used to make food, clothing, paper, soap, building materials and a wide variety of other products. The majority of hemp food products rely on nutrient-dense hemp seeds or oil. The leaves are also a rich source of nutrients and trace elements such as:

  • Protein: Hemp is a good plant-based protein source, relied upon by vegetarians and vegans as a good source of all 10 essential amino acids. Hemp is specifically prized because it contains phytates, unlike other sources of vegetable proteins, and thus does not interfere with important mineral absorption.
  • Magnesium: Hemp leaves supply magnesium – an important catalyzer for hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the body, including food metabolism and the synthesis of proteins and fatty acids. Magnesium is also important for a variety of neuromuscular activities.
  • Terpenes: Found in the raw leaves of hemp, terpenes are aromatic chemicals that give plants their smell (like sage, orange, cinnamon, etc.), and are being studied for a wide array of beneficial properties.
  • Chlorophyll: Responsible for the green pigmentation in most green leaves, chlorophyll is linked to skin healing, wound healing and ostomy treatment, blood building and detoxification.

 Each bag boasts more than 15g of protein. These chips are also a great source of vitamins A and C.

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