The Stanley Brothers, creators of the Charlotte's Web CBD brand, have launched ReCreate, a new brand that channels the beneficial uses of the entire cannabis plant. 

ReCreate has been developed for consumers open to integrating cannabis into their wellness routines – both those new to the world of THC and those who seek the functional benefits associated with combining low doses of THC with full-spectrum CBD and other functional plant-based therapies.

"The Stanley Brothers are a family fiercely dedicated to unearthing natural remedies and cultivating innovative solutions to promote personal wellness," says Jesse Stanley, ReCreate co-founder and CEO. "The rules are being rewritten, our culture is at the dawn of the new era of personalized therapies. The Stanley Brothers started with cannabis and the natural evolution of our mission is the inclusion of functional botanicals in ReCreate."

Through precise formulations and dosing, ReCreate is committed to delivering products with consistent and repeatable effects. ReCreate's products use full-spectrum extract, with all the cannabinoids of the plant working together to enhance their effect on the body and mind.

ReCreate's launch formulations include chocolates and tinctures designed for specific desired states of well-being. These products are crafted to harmonize optimal ratios of full-spectrum CBD, THC and functional botanicals and balanced to provide effective support for the endocannabinoid system. All ReCreate products are natural, vegan and ethically sourced, and all ingredients are gluten-free.

Gummies and other products will be released later this year.

Chocolates are available in 3 and 10 piece formats in these functional need states:

Focus Chocolate: (CBD:THC) Ratio: 4:1 with Lion's Mane
Relax Chocolate: Ratio: 4:1 with Ashwagandha
Relief Chocolate Ratio: 3:1 with Chaga
Sleep Chocolate: Ratio: 3:1 with Valerian Root

Tinctures use a coconut-derived MCT Oil delivery system and are available in 15 and 30ml formats in the these functional need states:

Everyday Tincture: (CBD:THC) Ratio: 10:1
Relax Tincture: Ratio: 4:1 with Lemon Balm
Relief Tincture: Ratio 2:1 with  Turmeric
Sleep Tincture: Ratio 1:4 with  Valerian Root

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