Halo Labs is expanding its Hush gummy range into Oregon with products featuring smaller doses.

The company is expanding upon its current single-piece 50 mg THC gummy and single-piece 100mg 1:1 gummy. New configurations include a smaller single 50 mg piece, 5 and 10 piece multipacks in 10mg and 5mg THC strength, as well as a microdose line of 20 pieces in 2.5 mg THC strength. 

Halo Labs is actively increasing gummy production by adding kitchen capacity onsite in Medford, Oregon as well as expanding contract manufacturing relationships. 

“In Oregon we have been producing about 50,000 gummies per month with a third-party kitchen,” said Kiran Sidhu, co-founder and CEO of Halo Labs. “By building out our own capacity and expanding to additional third party suppliers, we anticipate at least doubling, if not tripling production by the end of Q3.” 

Building on the California formulation’s anticipated success, new gummy SKUs in Oregon will also be vegan and gluten free. Halo Labs will expand the Hush Sizzurp line up as well to include a marionberry flavor in THC and THC/CBD 1:1 formulations for a total of 12 offerings. These elixirs will also be free from added glycerin or sugar.

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