The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) is asking governors in seven Midwestern states to coordinate policy-making for full cannabis legalization as they reopen state economies. 

In letters to the governors of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Kentucky, the NACB highlighted the benefits regional coordination could create for all stakeholders, including citizens, small businesses, and state governments. 

“The NACB is an enthusiastic advocate of full cannabis legalization, especially at this time when states are in such critical need of new jobs and new sources of revenue,” said Mark Gorman, NACB’s executive vice president and COO. “If it can be adopted as a coordinated strategy among the coalition of Midwest governors, there could be many additional benefits including the joint implementation of best practices like quality controlled manufacturing, truthful advertising and responsible marketing programs aimed strictly at 21-and-over consumers.”

NACB’s members are vetted as being responsible, trustworthy and compliant with state laws and best business practices. As part of its mission to shape cannabis into a safe, responsible and ethical industry, the NACB continues to create and adopt national standards for responsible cannabis manufacturing, advertising, and marketing practices. 

The NACB’s approach to national cannabis industry standards relies on input from government, NACB members and subject matter experts, and a deliberative and inclusive development process. To date, the NACB has adopted National Standards for 

  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Advertising
  • Lab Testing & Product Integrity
  • Security 
  • Infused Products Production and Storage
  • Hemp

 “Responsible, transparent cannabis industry regulations are something we’ve offered to help state governments develop,” said Gina Kranwinkel, NACB CEO. “With our expertise in the cannabis space, Midwestern states will benefit fully from the synergies of coordinated policies for legal adult and medical marijuana programs and encourage a safe and compliant cannabis industry.” 

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