Company: Stillwater Ingredients

Ingredient Snapshot: Stillwater Ingredients offers clean-label, shelf-stable water-soluble CBD products that meet the needs of fast-moving CPG manufacturers—without sacrificing consistency or quality. Stillwater Ingredients offers liquid concentrates suited to RTD beverages, soluble tinctures, gummies, energy gels and energy bars. It also offers flowable powders for powdered drink mixes, baking mixes, extruded snacks, confections and pet foods. Stillwater Ingredients even offers spray adhesions for applications involving dried fruits and vegetables, teas, nuts, and grains.

Stillwater Ingredients food scientists have worked for leading CPG companies and brands. Not only do they apply that scientific formulation knowledge, but they also know consumers don’t want bitter or chemical flavors, oily mouthfeels, or residues. Stillwater Ingredients also offers chemical, physical and sensory stability testing, as well as customized processes—including those involving acidity, fermentation, carbonation, visual separation and hot fills. The company also non-GMO and organic ingredients.