Good Day, Los Angeles, launched a line of premium CBD-infused beverages. Designed to keep consumers balanced throughout the day, the lineup features cold-brew coffee for a boost of easygoing energy, citrus sparkling water for mental and physical refreshment, and chamomile herbal tea for enhanced relaxation and stress release, the company says. The Good Day brand was established with the mission to provide clean, functional beverages to support the founders' beliefs that everybody can benefit from more good days.

Good Day CBD-infused cold-brew coffee is the first variety available for immediate purchase on the Good Day website, with the chamomile herbal tea and citrus sparkling water following after.

The CBD-infused cold-brew coffee is made with a carefully selected, custom blend of Fair Trade organic coffee sourced from farms in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Colombia. Each can contains reverse-osmosis and ultraviolet filtered water, organic cold-brewed coffee, and 15mg of CBD from hemp extract sourced from Farm Bill Registered farms in Colorado. Good Day's unsweetened cold brew is a strong yet smooth, ready-to-drink black coffee beverage with gentle acidity and tasting notes that include dark chocolate and spices. The coffee, along with the rest of the Good Day beverage line, avoids artificial additives.

The Good Day team closely worked with New York-based creative agency Wondersauce to bring the brand to life. Each 8.4-ounce aluminum can contains 15 milligrams of CBD from hemp extract and is sold in seven-packs for a one-week supply at $42 ($6 a can). The brand will launch a subscription service next month, which will offer automatic, recurring shipments of Good Day beverages directly to customers' front doors, it says. Good Day also will be available on store shelves in select retailers soon. All Good Day beverages are shelf stable, but are best enjoyed chilled or poured over ice, according to the company.