Natural Hemp Company introduced Day One CBD Sparkling Water. Day One made its debut at USA CBD Expo in Miami. The flavored sparkling water will be available for purchase at a variety of retail locations nationwide and via
CBD is non-intoxicating and is legal throughout the United States. CBD is a hemp-based extract adaptogen with a number of potential health benefits, including increased energy levels, pain relief, improved focus, and anxiety relief. While CBD is effective in inhalable and edible forms, CBD-infused water is much easier for the body to absorb, making for a more effective, hydrating, and faster-acting experience.
Day One is expected to be sold nationwide in select 7-Elevens, Natural Foods stores and big-box retailers. Day One is optimal for the health and fitness industry and is the perfect beverage at local gyms and commercial studios. Creative and tech-based companies that require extreme focus and creativity—and are high-stress environments—will also benefit from Day One.
Day One currently offers its sparkling CBD water in lemon and will introduce additional flavors later this year.