Dude's Brews, the packaged-beer arm of Dad & Dude'sBreweria, announced a campaign to bring CBD-rich, cannabis-infused, beer to the U.S. market.

Canna-Beer Series will be released starting fall 2015 with a sneak peek available during the 2015 Great American Beer Festival. The line of beers will be heavily dosed with cannabidoil extracted from the cannabis plant. The first beers to be introduced under the Canna-Beer series line are SATIVA IPA and INDICA DOUBLE IPA.

The Canna-Beer Series comes as the much anticipated response to the popularity of Dank IPA, Dad & Dude's first, and most irreverent, India Pale Ale. Dank, originally released in 2012, came under local scrutiny for its irreverent nod towards Colorado's blooming cannabis industry. After ten months of prohibition Dank was re-released in 2014.

SATIVA IPA is the much anticipated follow up to Dank IPA, which released in 2012 and caused much controversy in the brewing community. Taking one step further this time, SATIVA IPA uses pounds of the same smells-like-the-good-stuff hops as Dank IPA, but brings it down a notch for the casual, bud-lovin' drinker. Additionally, the name tips its hat toward the cannabis industry with pure CBD-rich hemp infusion while using the Hindi word, SATIVA, which translates to "cultivated."

Hops and cannabis both hail from the same genus, Cannabaceae. As cousins, the two plants tend to produce delicious "buds" with a very similar, dank, aroma. The brewing industry tends to stay away from cannabis as Federal law still prohibits THC from being in beer. However, cannabis does produce a very popular substance known as cannabidoil, or CBD, which is known for its non-psychoactive health benefits, including stress relief. SATIVA IPA and INDICA DOUBLE IPA will be loaded with cannabidoil.

"Finding a legal hemp oil was difficult," says owner Mason "Dude" Hembree. "Locally cultivated cannabis is not legal for brewers, yet." After a year of negotiations and government obstacles, Dude's Brews was able to find a water-soluble and 420% legal product to pump CBDs into the beer. "We joke sometimes that it will end the bar fight," says co-owner Tom "Dad" Hembree. "CBD is the ever-popular cannabinoid that is currently being researched for its non-psychoactive benefits." "It's the final word in Colorado-style session IPAs," says head brewer Brian Connery. "It not only smells like the good stuff, but it has it in there, too." INDICA IPA is a session-able 5.0% India Pale Ale brewed with CBD-rich hemp oil.

INDICA DOUBLE IPA is the bigger, one-hitter, version of SATIVA IPA. INDICA will sit at 10% ABV and is geared toward the more professional of hop heads. INDICA, too, tips its hat at the Colorado cannabis community, as it is packed with CBD and finished with fine hop extracts to increase the enjoyment of cannabaceae humulus lupulus [hops].