Ounce of Hope has launched a line of THC-infused seltzers.

Available in Berry High and Peach Buzz flavors, each 16-oz. can contains 5 mg of delta-9-THC. The cans are 4 oz. larger than the typical market standard of 12 oz. There are 32 calories in each can of Berry High and 34 calories in Peach Buzz.

The seltzers each contain fresh fruit as part of their limited-ingredient, natural blend. During the flavor trials, the team tried 40 or 50 different flavor combinations.

 “It’s to the point now where we have to strain out the seeds and the flesh of the fruit to get our final product,” said Cameron Heil, Ounce of Hope’s director of operations and business development. “And that helps set us apart.”

Collin Bercier founded Ounce of Hope in 2018. The company grows hemp through aquaponics, a form of agriculture that combines raising fish in tanks with soilless plant culture. In aquaponics, the nutrient-rich water from raising fish provides a natural fertilizer for the plants, and, in turn, the plants help to purify the water for the fish.

“There’s a QR code on every can that takes you to our website, where you can see our other products, lab results and everything in between,” Bercier said. “We touch the plant, make the product, take care of the fish that help us grow the plant and actually care about what gets sent out into the world.”

Berry High and Peach Buzz are available on Ounce of Hope’s website and at two retail locations in Memphis, Tennessee.