The Flavor Co has launched a patent-pending universal dosing system for cannabis and hemp derived liquids. 

Dose Easy Upright is designed for squeezable bottles with standard neck sizes. The dosing mechanism is ideal for tinctures, syrups and other liquids, and with the universal design, any brand will be able to provide consumers with the confidence of precise dosing each and every time.

“Our industry has a well-known dosing problem,” said TFC CEO Chris Farrell. “With Dose Easy Upright, we aim to solve that problem across a range of applications. Instead of being specific to one brand or one product, our solution provides dosing control to any brand who wants to give their consumers more confidence in the cannabis and hemp-derived products they sell.”

Features and benefits of Dose Easy Upright include:

  • Dosing cup easily fits in most bottles with a standard 14 mm, 20 mm or 24 mm neck
  • Precise dosing from 1 ml to 5 ml, depending on bottle size
  • Flexibility to package dose size and number of doses per relevant regulations
  • Easy to use by squeezing to fill, releasing to dose and pouring to consume

Initially, Dose Easy Upright will provide a fixed dose per bottle. Near-term enhancements will include a fixed adjustable dose in 20 mm and 24 mm, followed by a fully adjustable dose for finer increments when required.

Dose Easy Upright is immediately available for brands as part of TFC’s Beverage Maker, a beverage concentrate using a proprietary nano-liposomal technology for increased potency and cannabinoid absorption. It’s offered in an on-the-go, squeezable container with 10 to 30 doses. 

TFC expects Dose Easy Upright to be available for other liquid applications in the second quarter of 2024.