The Cannabist Company is highlighting two edibles powered by Azuca’s TiME Infusion for upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

Launching in time for the holiday, The Cannabist Company’s Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar features dark chocolate mixed with strawberry-infused chocolate. Each fast-acting, 100 mg THC bar has 20 pieces. Containing no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, freeze-dried strawberries give this chocolate its fruity flavor and a slight reddish hue. The back of this vegan bar is coated in freeze-dried strawberries to enhance the flavor.

The company’s Hedy brand also offers fast-acting chocolate-covered espresso beans. The beans offer an onset time of 5-15 minutes, ensuring swift and uniform absorption. This Valentine’s Day treat will allow consumers to experience a sensory journey that combines the pleasure of chocolate, the boldness of espresso and the reliability of Hedy's artisanal infusion.

The Cannabist Company has three locations in Massachusetts, both adult-use and medical, including Cannabist Boston and Lowell, and Patriot Care Greenfield.