Hill Beverage Co., co-founded by CEO Jake Hill and Snoop Dogg, is debuting Do It Fluid, a beverage line that offers an alternative to alcoholic beverages and traditional smoking.

The joint venture between Hill Beverage Co., Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records will feature four flavors: Blood Orange, Blue Razz, Cherry Limeade and Peaches N Honies, available in 12-oz. slim cans with 25 mg CBD and 8-oz. mini cans with 5 mg CBD and 3 mg delta-9-THC. Debuting under Death Row Records and Dogg lbs labels, the product will be available soon. Hill Beverage Co. also has plans to expand in-store offerings nationwide through 2024.

“As I take the next step forward in my smoking evolution, Hill Beverage Co.’s vision for cannabis beverages was the perfect transition," Snoop Dogg said. “What we’ve created is an all-natural and delicious alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the high, while providing fans with the perfect option for day or night.” 

Jake Hill has extensive experience in growth technology, through more than a dozen cannabis-driven companies. His work includes Grow Automations LLC, a company he founded in 2017 to address the gap in reliable automation and consulting within the emerging cannabis space. Hill also provides knowledge and insight through his work with notable leaders within the cannabis industry, including Cookies.

“Taking my passion for cannabis and curating an all-natural high alternative for consumers that is both bold and fulfilling in flavor is a testament to the new direction the cannabis industry is heading,” Hill said. “Our debut line alongside Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records is the perfect way to cement our brand within the cannabis and beverage space, and I’m excited for consumers, whether or not they’re familiar with the cannabis marketplace, to experience the line.”

Cannabis Products Insider recently spoke to Hill about his cannabis experience, his partnership with Snoop Dogg and what’s next for the company.

CPI: How would you describe your cannabis industry experience? How did you get into the beverage space?

JH: I’ve always known that this was an industry I wanted a hand in, but I officially took the leap when I dropped out of college in 2012 to create a controlled environment in a garage. Since then, my journey has been about learning and experiencing as much as I can related to the industry from processing, distribution, retail and equipment. My understanding and growth within cannabis' tech and distribution arms ultimately led into more creative and innovative thinking, which then organically segued into beverages. The excitement of crafting hemp infusions for an elevated consumption experience was what hooked me, and now I’m ready for the market to get a taste of what Hill Beverage Co. and Snoop Dogg have to offer.  

CPI: How did the partnership with Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records come about?

JH: I originally began working with Arasp Khoskkhoo (AK), Snoop’s partner and head of operations at Death Row Records Cannabis, through my tech company, which utilizes advanced automation and machine-learning robotics to modify and strengthen controlled environments and monitor plant health. While working together, AK and I naturally began brainstorming potential THC and CBD-infused beverages tied to Snoop and were excited by the idea. 

Eventually, I was formally introduced to Death Row Records Cannabis’ CEO Tiffany Chin, which led to a meeting with Snoop to discuss what is now Hill Beverage Co. We’re excited to share a healthier approach to THC and CBD-infused beverages through all-natural ingredients and high-quality cannabinoids that both Snoop fans and new consumers can enjoy.

CPI: How did you approach developing the Do It Fluid line under the Death Row Records and Dogg lbs labels?

JH: Quality, quality, quality. Understanding the challenges of other major brands in the market, we made an effort to readjust our vision to ensure that we weren’t sacrificing anything, especially with quality and consistency. The Do It Fluid line uses high-quality ingredients from real fruit juices and purees, and a natural high they can respect. It also uses a proprietary set of cannabinoids that allow the THC and CBD to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream giving you effects in seconds not 30 minutes or longer.

CPI: Why did you decide to offer different dosage options?

JH: We wanted to provide a low, but effective dose that would allow a new cannabis user the opportunity to try these beverages without having a terrible first-time experience, which is what can happen if they don’t have a properly formulated edible. These drinks are made with proprietary blends of cannabinoids, so that it is immediately absorbed into the body to give the desired effect within minutes, rather than an hour or more.

CPI: Are the cannabinoids derived from hemp? If so, how did you approach sourcing the hemp?

JH: Yes, they are derived from hemp. We went through a very intensive process by sourcing the cannabinoids from our highly sophisticated and regulated farms. We then went through a detailed process of testing to ensure the proper mixture of molecules to ultimately produce shelf stability and homogeneity. 

CPI: How would you describe the target audience?

JH: I would say everyone of legal age should try these products. The line offers new cannabis users the opportunity to consume in a casual, non-traditional way, while also providing an alternative to alcohol. It will also very much appeal to traditional users as it provides quality taste without sacrificing the high.

CPI: Are there any other future collaborations you can discuss at this point?

JH: We have exciting news to share in the future, but I don’t want to spoil the fun just yet. What I can say is that the upcoming collaborations will excite both consumers, fans and the industry as a whole. I’m still in a bit of shock about these collaborations, but we are working diligently to bring the same level of quality and ‘pop’ to these upcoming releases.