1906 has unveiled a direct-to-consumer website featuring hemp-derived versions of its effects-based products.

The platform allows consumers across the country to purchase 1906 products online. 1906 Drops merge low-dose cannabis with botanical ingredients, offering solutions tailored to specific effects such as energy, arousal, relaxation and focus. 

“As we witness the changing tides of cannabis prohibition, it's imperative to provide easy and legal access to quality products,” said Peter Barsoom, co-founder and CEO of 1906. “While the federal legalization of cannabis remains a topic of debate, we believe in granting people immediate access to safe cannabis. Our online platform ensures millions can access our products seamlessly. Just as e-commerce has transformed numerous industries, the future of cannabis lies in online accessibility — especially crucial for people who can’t access a legal dispensary. The ability to buy online could be the catalyst for many to try cannabis, and our platform guarantees a secure experience from a reliable brand. This is revolutionary for our sector.”

1906’s direct-to-consumer products contain 2 mg of hemp-derived delta-9-THC. The patented, fast-acting, pharmaceutical-grade pills blend low doses of THC, CBD and other medicinal plants to produce functional effects suitable for daily use. 

1906 Drops are vegan and free from calories, sugar, gluten and allergens. They’re designed for a range of experiences, including:

  • GO: An energy surge without the usual coffee or energy drink side effects
  • GENIUS: Enhancing cognitive capabilities and focus
  • BLISS: Uplifting mood and cultivating a positive mindset
  • LOVE: Increasing feelings of intimacy and desire
  • CHILL: Promoting relaxation and decreasing symptoms of anxiety
  • BOOST: Delivering a pure "high" or amplifying the effects of other experiences

By purchasing online, customers will also have access to a new subscription offering, which will enable monthly deliveries of 1906 experiences at a 10% discount.