Abstrax and Weedmaps have joined forces to launch an educational content series based on Abstrax’s research around cannabis flavor compounds.

"We know the terpene profile in each cannabis cultivar holds the key to a richer experience with the plant,” said Boris Shcharansky, vice president, cannabis advisory at Weedmaps. “Our purpose in partnering with the team at Abstrax is to bring their important research and findings directly to our consumers, deepening their understanding of and appreciation for the plant.”

The series will start with the introduction of previously undiscovered exotic compounds in cannabis. Next, Weedmaps and Abstrax will collaborate to share insights from Abstrax-published white papers related to:

  • Tangies’ unique tropical volatile sulfur compounds
  • A deep dive unveiling garlic mushroom onion
  • Exploring the sugar and sweet compounds in cannabis

“This is just the beginning of a partnership focused on empowering cannabis businesses and consumers through education and experiential products,” says Max Koby, co-founder and CEO of Abstrax. “Abstrax continues to lead with innovations that uplift the sector and enhance the user journey. Each new insight brings us nearer to comprehending the immense capabilities and enigmas of cannabis."