Punch Edibles & Extracts has expanded into New York. 

The brand’s Punch Gummies are available now and its Punch Bar Chocolates will be launching in the state later this year.

Originating in California, Punch Edibles launched in 2013 as a Proposition 215 operator and moved into the adult-use market in 2018 when licensing became available in Los Angeles. Punch Edibles continues to be one of the only self-funded multi-state operators,expanding distribution into Oklahoma and now New York.

“Punch products have been a beloved staple in the California cannabis market over the last 10 years, and we are thrilled to bring our reliable, potent, health-conscious treats to one of the greatest cities on earth,” said Samantha O’Donnell, Punch Edibles & Extracts co-owner and CFO.

Punch Edibles offers a full range of Certified Kosher products including chocolates, gummies, malt balls, fruit snacks, cookie delights, pre-rolls, and top-tier solventless vapes and live rosin. Made with simple ingredients, Punch Edibles’ New York product SKUs will include:

  • Punch Gummies: Available in five sugar-coated flavor combos including Blueberry Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Peach Mango, Cherry Limeade and Kiwi Strawberry (100 mg THC)
  • Punch Bar Original Chocolates: Coming soon in flavors such as Raspberry, Caramel Bits, Milk, Toffee, Mint, Almond, Sea Salt and S'mores (100 mg THC)
  • Punch Bar Cream Chocolates: Coming soon in flavors such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie and Cookies n' Cream (100 mg THC)

“In an emerging market that includes many cannabis beginners, it is important to offer dose-controllable experiences,” said Andrew O’Donnell, Punch Edibles & Extracts founder and CEO. “Our Punch Bar and Punch Gummies are broken up into 10 bite-sized portions dosed at 10 mg each, giving New Yorkers control and relief as they experiment with edibles for medical or adult-use. This also provides seasoned edible consumers with ultimate convenience, top-notch flavor, and bioavailability.”

Punch Gummies are available at dispensaries including Good Grades, Housing Works, Union Square Travel Agency, Dazed, Smacked, William Jane, Just Breathe, Upstate Canna Co., and with the option of delivery through Legacy Dispensers.