Mike Tyson's cannabis brand Tyson 2.0 has launched Solventless Mike Bites, a new line of THC edibles produced with My Green Network

They’re available in California in Mango, Watermelon, Blueberry and Green Apple flavors.

“Solventless extraction is the cleanest and purest way to preserve the plant's unique properties," said Alexander Federico, chief revenue officer of My Green Network, Tyson 2.0's partner for the Solventless Mike Bites. "Instead of chemicals, we use ice cold water, time and temperature, harvesting and handling flower in small batches to preserve and protect each live trichome. The final result is a pure and uncontaminated extract infused into each Solventless Mike Bite.

Solventless Mike Bites' ingredients include pectin, a vegan, plant-based ingredient derived from citrus fruits, instead of gelatin, an animal derivative common in most gummies. The bites are also made with glucose instead of fructose.

"We're honored to have partnered with My Green Network in crafting the Solventless Mike Bites,” said Adam Wilks, CEO of Tyson 2.0. “Their expertise in solventless extraction aligns seamlessly with Tyson 2.0's pursuit of perfection. Get ready for a truly undisputed edible experience."

Each piece features 10 mg THC, and each bag contains 100 mg THC.