HIBEGONE has unveiled a fast-acting shot designed to balance out the effects of cannabis, delivering heightened clarity and awareness within minutes.

Created by four Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs attempting to develop a cognitive enhancement drink that could suppress appetite, HIBEGONE features a proprietary blend of L-theanine, alpha GPC and THCV that can help users regain mental sharpness and break free from the high linked with THC.

With THCV acting as a CB1 inverse agonist, it counteracts THC's effects. By consuming HIBEGONE, the patent-pending formula binds to the receptor, severing the connection between the receptor and THC. This, combined with HIBEGONE's fast-acting technology that initiates absorption from the mouth and esophagus, users can reduce cannabis effects in as few as 15 minutes.

Furthermore, the addition of renowned nootropics L-theanine and alpha GPC can offer cognitive benefits. A simple shake-and-drink mechanism makes it easy for users to optimize their high, whether taken before or after cannabis consumption.