Organigram Holdings Inc. has relaunched the Trailblazer brand. 

More than a year in the making, Trailblazer’s modernized brand identity and revitalized product lineup represent an opportunity to connect with consumers whose needs were previously unmet by the Organigram brand portfolio. 

Featuring THCV gummies, CBG-infused pre-rolls and a high-potency 1x0.5 g pre-roll, Trailblazer will re-enter the market with a range of offerings.

According to Organigram’s segmentation research, the target audience for the new Trailblazer brand identity represents approximately $1.2 billion in total cannabis retail sales. One key differentiating factor for this segment is the prioritization of whole-plant wellness and the self-administered benefits of the cannabis plant for relaxation. They also prefer high THC products and the presence of minor cannabinoids.

The Zen Garden Grapefruit 2:1 THCV:THC Sugar-free Gummies are made with natural flavors, as well as THCV derived from whole flower grown in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Each gummy features 5 mg THCV and 2.5 mg THC. Each pack features four gummies.

“By understanding the unique preferences and aspirations of our Trailblazer target audience, we strived to create a deeply rewarding brand experience that fosters a sense of understanding, positivity and empowerment,” says Megan McCrae, senior VP, marketing and communications, Organigram. “The brand positioning reflects the emotional aspirations of this consumer segment, reflecting a brand that is designed for a modern legal cannabis consumer. Trailblazer aims to create a positive and uplifting experience for its consumers, supporting them in their cannabis journey.”