Indiva Limited is introducing No Future, a value-focused cannabis brand, in Canada.

No Future is intended to fill a gap in the cannabis marketplace that opened when the ingestible extracts market was eliminated earlier this year. No Future aims to reduce the price per milligram of THC in cannabis edibles and other extract products such as vapes.

No Future will initially launch with four flavors of THC gummies and three varieties of 1.2-gram 510 vapes.

The gummies will feature 10 mg THC per pack. Retail prices are expected to reset the floor price of gummies across Canada, with some stores selling at similar prices per mg of THC as ingestible extracts were sold.

B.C. and Alberta have already begun to receive their first shipments of No Future gummies, and Ontario is expected to receive its first shipments in September. Indiva plans for more regions and product launches to come online in the fall and winter of 2023.