Orange Photonics is reporting on the impact of LightLab 3 High Sensitivity (HS) Cannabis Analyzer. 

Launched in November 2022, this analytical instrument has provided analytical capabilities of high-performance liquid chromatography at the point of need.

Prior to LightLab 3 HS, analysis of low-dose cannabis products was not possible in non-laboratory environments. Since LightLab 3's launch, cultivators, manufacturers, regulators and law enforcement agencies can make fast, data-driven decisions informed by LightLab's real-time cannabinoid analysis. Non-technical users can perform rapid and cost-effective in-house potency testing on cannabis plants and concentrates, as well as all types of cannabis-infused edibles and beverages.

"Since the launch of LightLab 3 HS in November 2022, LightLab 3 HS has truly democratized science by giving non-technical operators the agency to run low-level compound analysis and immediately use the data for benchmarking, label audits, GMP programs and quality assurance,” said Stephanie McArdle, president of Orange Photonics. “Over the last nine months, we have witnessed the beginning of transformation in the way potency testing is conducted across the industry." 

LightLab 3 HS tests the potency of 19 cannabinoids down to 1.7 parts per million, reported as percent, mg per sample and mg per package. GMP-ready, LightLab 3 HS offers traceability and consistent and reliable data essential to strategic decision-making. Each analysis is accompanied by a QR code that links to a certificate of analysis for greater transparency and accountability.