Winewood Organics has launched Winewood & Maple, a line of CBD products made from Michigan-grown hemp. 

The Winewood & Maple label will start with naturally-flavored, vegan CBD gummies and flavorless CBD drops (similar to tinctures but made with organic MCT oil instead of alcohol). The line will later expand to other products.

"We believe in the therapeutic effects that CBD can bring people," said Winewood Founder Eric Parkhurst. "We vouch for CBD, CBN, CBG and other hemp-derived cannabinoids independently as natural remedies, and also in combination with THC. That's why we are now making our own CBD products."

As for the new brand, there are practical reasons for the spin-off beyond distinguishing what contains THC and what does not. Winewood Organics products can only be sold on-site at Winewood's Ann Arbor dispensary, but Winewood & Maple CBD products can also be sold online and at any retail location.

"Most of the CBD found in health stores and supermarkets in Michigan, and especially Ann Arbor, is offensively overpriced," Parkhurst said. "On top of that, consumers have no way to communicate their questions to the actual product makers. We want to provide that local, trusted option."