Canopy Growth Corporation has made Wana Brands’ cannabis gummies available through Spectrum Therapeutics, Canopy Growth’s medical cannabis division.

The move comes after Canopy Growth gained control of all distribution, marketing and sales of Wana-branded edible cannabis products in Canada. The company recently granted Indiva the exclusive right to manufacture and supply Wana products in Canada for five years, with an option to renew.

"The addition of Wana gummies to our medical store provides an immediate benefit to our Canadian business and further solidifies our North American house of brands,” said Canopy Growth CEO David Klein. “Over the coming months we look forward to growing Wana's market share across both the medical and adult-use markets in Canada.”

Edibles available through the Spectrum Therapeutics online store include those from the Wana Quick and Wana Classic lineups. Wana Quick gummies contain Azuca Time Infusion, which may result in onset within 30 minutes of consumption.

Available SKUs include:

  • Wana Quick
    • Rise and Shine Clementine (Sativa, 1:1 CBG/THC)
    • Midnight Berry (Indica, 5:10:2 CBN/CBD/THC)
    • Orchard Peach (Sativa)
    • Pineapple Coconut (Indica)
    • Strawberry Lime (Hybrid, 1:1 CBD/THC)
  • Wana Classic
    • Pineapple Passionfruit (Hybrid, 1:1:1 CBG/CBD/THC)
    • Wild Raspberry (Indica, 5:1 CBD/THC)
    • Citrus Burst (Sativa, 5:1 CBD/THC)
    • Pomegranate Blueberry Acai (Hybrid, 5:1 CBD/THC)
    • Japanese Citrus Yuzu (Hybrid, 2:1 CBD/THC)
    • Mango (Sativa)
    • Strawberry Lemonade (Hybrid, 1:1 CBD/THC)
    • Watermelon (Hybrid)
    • Blueberry (Indica)
    • Midnight Berry (Indica, 5:10:2 CBN/CBD/THC)