Gold Flora Corporation has launched Stately Distribution, a new sales and distribution company, to provide service and support to the California cannabis market. 

Stately will provide sales and management for Gold Flora's nine brands, as well as a select group of third-party partner brands. 

Stately is focused on driving account and sales growth for its partners, while also seamlessly integrating brands into Gold Flora's growing retail footprint. Stately provides insight and data that it can leverage for its partner brands in both owned and third-party placements and campaigns. 

Stately also plans to set targets and expansion goals for each of its brands. The company is committed to providing services that go beyond traditional distribution, enabling its partners to succeed in the challenging and dynamic California cannabis landscape.

"Our core ethos lies in our approach to deep collaboration that drives mutual growth," said Mark Russ, chief revenue officer at Gold Flora, who recently joined to drive the company's retail and wholesale operations. "By working with a select group of brands, we can cultivate a differentiated portfolio and an intimate understanding of their unique value propositions, allowing us to provide personalized and targeted sales and support services."

The formation of Stately coincides with several brand developments, including the launch of Gold Flora Corp.'s Roll Bleezy concentrate line, and the onboarding of The Parent Company's family of brands including Caliva, Mirayo by Santana and Cruisers.