Kiva Sales and Service (KSS) has entered into a partnership with Big Pete's Treats, a leading cannabis baked goods brand in California.

Through this partnership, Kiva Sales and Service will leverage its expertise in sales, distribution and branding to elevate Big Pete's Treats in the retail market. KSS will facilitate the expansion of Big Pete's Treats' product availability, connecting the company with new customers throughout California.

"KSS is honored to partner with Big Pete's Treats and act as their exclusive distributor in helping bring their products to cannabis consumers in the California market," said Brooks Jorgensen, president of Kiva Sales and Services. "Big Pete's Treats is known for their dedication to crafting delicious, consistent and effective cannabis treats, and we are excited to help them reach a new consumer." 

Retailers across California can anticipate an expanded range of Big Pete's Treats' popular products, including cookies made with cannabutter and the company’s popular Sleepytime CBN cookies. In addition to cookies, Big Pete's Treats offers cannabutter as a stand-alone product. This butter is the same premium ingredient that they use in their cookies, ensuring their customers have the same experience with their own culinary creations.

"We are excited to join forces with Kiva Sales and Service as our new distribution partner," said Pete Feurtado Jr, CEO of Big Pete's Treats. 

"Their commitment to excellence and their extensive experience in the industry align perfectly with our values,” added Pete Feurtado Sr, founder of Big Pete's Treats. “This has been a long time coming, as we started back in 2010 around the same time Kiva began its journey. It feels good to be partnering with the best and continuing to provide cannabis enthusiasts with the highest quality treats across California.”

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