Verano Holdings Corp. has launched On The Rocks, a line of small-batch, solventless extracts hand-crafted to express the pure form and flavor of the cannabis plant. 

On The Rocks products first launched in Pennsylvania earlier this month, and are now hitting Zen Leaf retail shelves in Illinois. In the second half of 2023, Verano expects to launch On The Rocks in Arizona, Florida and New Jersey.

On The Rocks extracts are developed using fresh-frozen flower and dry-sift methods to collect the cannabinoid- and terpene-rich trichomes.

“Introducing On The Rocks solventless extracts to our expanding brand portfolio recognizes and responds to cannabis connoisseurs’ appetite for refined experiences, flavors and formats,” said George Archos, Verano founder and CEO. “Solventless extraction methods have been leveraged for centuries, and we’re excited to harness that tradition by offering On The Rocks hand-crafted extracts across five of our core markets to satisfy consumers’ increasing demand in the category.”

In addition to launching cartridges, badder, coin, hash and temple balls, the On the Rocks range includes strain-specific gummies with live rosin crafted through solventless ice-water extraction.