Massachusetts cannabis grower and retailer Insa is launching limited-edition products just in time for warmer weather.

“The variety of the exclusive seasonals and 4/20 products Insa brings to the market further demonstrates our mission to provide exciting products for all desired consumption methods,” said Julian Rose, head chef and director of R&D at Insa. “Our team worked to ensure all patients and consumers can celebrate 4/20 with their favorite form factor. Each delectable treat is crafted with fresh, unique ingredients that will leave you wanting more of what’s in store at Insa this spring – there is truly Insa, for everyone.”  

Insa’s limited-edition 4/20 Pretzel Bar comes loaded with salty crushed pretzel pieces layered in dark chocolate. Debuting this spring, this chocolate bar features 100 mg THC, divided into 20 5-mg pieces. Insa’s 4/20 Pretzel Bar retails for $25.

Back by popular demand, Insa’s Coffee & Donuts Chocolate Bar features European milk chocolate blended with espresso and Colombian beans from Insa’s neighbor, Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters, roasted in house. With natural doughnut flavors, a finishing sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and 5 mg THC per piece, this infused chocolate bar brings high end coffee to the next level. Insa’s Coffee & Donuts Chocolate Bar retails for $25.

Insa’s Superfruit Tropical Citrus Drops feature a blend of exotic cacao fruit and natural citrus juices. Cacao fruit is derived from the cocoa pod and has gained a reputation as a superfruit due to its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Containing 100% natural juices of the cacao fruit, the drops feature 5 mg THC per piece. Insa’s Superfruit Tropical Citrus Drops retail for $25.