Wana Brands continues to raise the bar for cannabis-infused products with an exotic twist. Yuzu Sour Gummies, which feature a 2:1 CBD / THC ratio, are now available in dispensaries across Colorado.

Wana recently eclipsed other Colorado cannabis companies to sell more units and dollars than any other company, according to a March 2018 report from point-of-sale tracking firm BDS Analytics.
Made from an original artisan recipe with all-natural flavors and colors, Yuzu Sour Gummies are handcrafted and infused with cannabis tincture in the cooking process to create a consistently dosed gummie bursting with the unique citrus Yuzu taste. This unconventional flavor and 2:1 CBD / THC blend is already gaining traction among edibles consumers looking to increase their intake of CBD, known as a therapeutic cannabinoid. Each gummie contains 20mg CBD and 10mg THC. It is the only infused gummie available in Colorado that has twice as much cannabidiol (CBD) as psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Interest in CBD has expanded exponentially in recent years, with modern research revealing its potential in treating numerous medical conditions and ailments. 
In addition to Colorado, Wana Brands products are available in Arizona, Oregon and Nevada, with planned entry into California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and internationally in Canada in 2018.
Wana Brands has invested in refining its proprietary edibles recipes so that the taste of the company’s ingredients come through—not the taste of medicine—producing artisan-level products that have undergone rigorous internal and external testing to ensure precise dosage and consistency.