Company: Azuca


Ingredient Snapshot: This patent-pending infusion process is designed to alleviate the challenges of making fast-acting, great-tasting infused chocolate for manufacturers, while elevating the chocolate edibles experience for consumers.

Azuca Chocolate Activator, powered by TiME INFUSION, has an onset as fast as 5 minutes, and with a majority of users experiencing onset in 20 minutes or less. The infusion process is simple for manufacturers and works like a low-volume inclusion, allowing existing chocolate recipes to shine through without the need for bitter blockers or flavor masking agents.

Azuca Chocolate Activator requires no additional equipment and can be easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes as it does not interfere with the normal characteristics or melting point of chocolate. This offers a cost-effective and scalable infusion process for chocolate makers and chocolatiers looking to meet the consumer demand for fast-onset, high-quality chocolate edibles.

Azuca Chocolate Activator is surfactant and water-free, GRAS compliant, and can be used as a normal chocolate ingredient, meaning the important texture, shine, snap, and taste of chocolate all remain intact. Azuca Chocolate Activator is made with 54.5% vegan dark chocolate and its high-load infusion capacity does not impact the profile of a manufacturer's primary ingredients.