Insa has launched a seasonal chocolate bar and drops to allow Massachusetts cannabis consumers to celebrate summer.

The piña colada, the quintessential summer drink, was Insa’s inspiration when developing the Piña Colada Drops. Bursting with tropical pineapple, sweet coconut and 5 mg of THC per piece, the drops will transport consumers’ to a relaxing beach vacation. These drops contain no alcohol and capitalize on the classic fruit flavors of the drink. The Piña Colada Drops retail for $30 for a pack with 20 chews.

Insa’s S’Mores Chocolate Bar, made with crushed graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, creamy milk chocolate and the highest-quality cannabis, are transformed into an exclusive chocolate bar just in time for summer nights. This summer’s newest edible creation features 5 mg THC per piece and 20 pieces per bar. The S’Mores Chocolate Bar retails for $30. 

“Every new season brings a fun opportunity for our team to push the boundaries with their creativity,” said Peter Gallagher, Insa's co-founder, “The team in cultivation, in our labs and in the kitchen are constantly honing their craft to create tasty and unique seasonal products throughout the year. We know that our customers are always looking for new and limited edition products like these summer seasonals. This innovation is what makes our business exciting for our team and for our fans.”

The new products will be available for a limited time at Insa retail locations in Springfield, Salem, and Easthampton, MA, as well as other cannabis retailers across the state.

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