Resonate Blends, Inc. is launching Love, a Koan Cordial that will be available for purchase on Valentine’s Day as the company expands its portfolio of Cordial experiences.

Love joins six other Cordial experiences such as Calm, Balance, Delight, Play, Create and Wonder. Koan’s Love Cordial delivers a unique blend of precision-calibrated cannabinoids and terpenes that releases tension and stress in the mind and body. The experience allows for a deeper connection, heightened tactile sensation and greater sexual satisfaction.

“Creating a love product that supports the masculine, feminine, combined and solo experiences was a huge challenge,” stated Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Resonate Blends. “We are particularly proud and excited to share this with our growing customer base because the insights that drove this product make it unique. Increased tactile sensation combined with a state of emotional flow and an enhanced sense of connectivity all combine to reduce the barriers to intimacy and open people up to sharing the natural flow of sensual energy that follows. Combining the feelings of walking through a pine forest, getting lost in the act of love with a new partner or supporting the energy exchange that only lovers share are all amplified by the presence of a precise balance of cannabinoids. Reignite passion in the most natural way and as always, the active ingredient is you.”

Love will be available in dispensaries throughout California and online for home delivery at The company is expected to launch its eighth experience-targeted Cordial in March, as well as new Cordial packaging configurations in the coming weeks to include both single-packs and multi-serving bottles.

Koan Cordials were named “Best New Brand of 2021” at the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference (LMCC), earned a Clio Cannabis Award for packaging and design, and were recently recognized by Uproxx as one of the “Ten Most Exciting Products” at the Hall of Flowers trade show in Palm Springs.

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